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About Us

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More than a business card.

Our objective is to provide you with a solution to build real, lasting and professional connections. My ICarta provides seamless, offline and instant contact exchange from phone to phone when you meet people in person. Our users never lose a connection and always have their profile ready to share.

The perfect tool for making and keeping connections anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

At ICarta, we strongly believe in the power of connections! Our company builds technology to bring people together and tailor technology around people, not people around technology.

With My ICarta, we set off to make exchanging contacts as quick and easy as a handshake, all while not physically exchanging anything, providing a better experience and saving the environment.  

A Message from our Founder

Having a network is very important for business and life in general. We analysed ways how we as humans, make connections and the difference between short-term and lasting relationships.


The main things that bind people are trust and respect, these are key for lasting connections. To achieve this, we concluded that face to face meetings are the best. Are people going to trust you more if you meet them in person or as an online avatar?


Therefore, I encourage you to network for real, make a trusting first impression and share your ICarta to stay connected.

Our team and I sincerely hope that you enjoy using our service. Should anything bother you, contact us via


Best of Luck!

Alexander Lazutin

Photo of Founder of ICarta, Alexander Lazutin
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